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    A volcanic island in New Zealand erupted Monday in a tower of ash and steam while dozens of tourists were exploring the moon-like surface, killing five people and leaving more missing.

  2. Climate Walking the Walk

    Some climate scientists and activists are limiting their flying, their consumption of meat and their overall carbon footprints to avoid adding to the global warming they study. But that comes at a cost, and the issue divides the scientific community.

  3. Shirin Ebadi

    The newest wave of unrest that has seized Iran in recent weeks has sparked an exceptionally brutal response that left thousands of victims in its wake.


    The fate of the World Trade Organization's top court was effectively sealed Monday after the United States said it would not back a proposal to allow it to continue, trade officials said.

  5. Joffre Peak slide

    Water frozen at the tops of mountains that helps sustain up to a quarter of the human population is under threat from climate change, population growth and lack of proper management, according to a new international study.